Welcome to Learning With Laurie!

Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, one student at a time.


Learning With Laurie provides educational instruction and support for families who wish to homeschool their children. Students attend classes two hours per week, per subject, and then complete assignments at home the remaining days. Laurie provides support via text and skype when students are completing home assignments and need help.

Laurie’s method of teaching has proven successful with all learning styles. Students are able to choose classes based on their level of achievement in each subject. This allows students who may be strong in one area to move ahead but still receive the level of instruction they need in subjects in which they are weaker.

Laurie assists parents with the business end of homeschooling, including how and when to register with the state, how to register for the A.C.T., and how to fulfill TOPS requirements, complete a high school transcript, and apply to colleges.